The convention is known for its relaxed atmosphere, where guests and attendees can sit and chat on the couches outside the dealers' room and art show. The scope of AggieCon ranges from science fiction to fantasy to horror, and encompasses literature, graphic arts, and general media. Activities and events include panel discussions, costume contest, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, dealer's room, art show, and much gaming, including LARPing.

Some former Cepheid Variable members have gone on to become science fiction/fantasy writers, including Martha Wells, Jayme Blaschke, and Steven Gould.

Cepheid Variable was named the 2006 Registered Student Organization of the Year at Texas A&M. Among the cited reasons for the award were the $1,500 they donate each year to Scotty's House Child Advocacy Center and the creation of "S.O.S.," a tutoring program for Cepheids that aims to increase the club's academic status on campus. Cepheid advisor James "Spanky" Smith won an award for being the advisor of the year during the same ceremony.

AggieCon is the oldest consecutive fan convention in the world. (older than Comic-Con San Diego) We largest student-run multigenre convention in the United States. Held annually since 1969 by Cepheid Variable at Texas A&M University's Memorial Student Center, it has grown to become one of the larger conventions in Texas. AggieCon was the first science fiction convention ever sponsored by a college or a college affiliate student organization.

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