AggieCon 51


    Hello Fellow Nerds and Con Goers!


    This is Jackie Novelli, the current person working on AggieCon and Cepheid Variable. I have been receiving many many messages regarding our Con. More information will be posted soon. Here is a quick run down of what is going on:

    • I will be meeting with our Cepheid Chair, Sai Nakka, and a venue to discuss finances for the Con.
    • The last Con, AggieCon 50, more money was spent than we would've liked so we are on a VERY tight budget as a Texas A&M University club.
    • We are a 100% student-led convention and we raise all the money ourselves to put on our events. As a club we go to every football game and work up to 10 hour shifts for concessions and only get a portion of the money.
    • I would like to have a nice AggieCon 51, but as a club, we need to make sure we can serve our students and put their needs first.
    • AggieCon 51 will most likely be a small, one-day event, like The Hall Of Gaming, but I can not promise anything more than that.

    Thank you all for your concern and messages. Our students thank you and our officers hope you will continue to support Cepheid Variable!

    If you would like to help or donate to AggieCon in any way, or even have any questions, feel free to message me directly on facebook or email.


    Thank you!
    Jackie Novelli


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