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    Reposted from The Eagle Article, Student Led AggieCon Celebrates 50 Years of Fandom, written by Rebecca Fiedler, March 23, 2019.

    Fifty years after the first AggieCon, pop culture lovers are gathering at the College Station Hilton this weekend to play video games, show off handmade costumes, purchase T-shirts and comic books, or take part in role-playing board games.

    AggieCon 50: The Golden Con opened Friday in the halls and ballrooms of the Hilton and is scheduled to run through Sunday, when it concludes at 3 p.m.

    The event is hosted by the student organization Cepheid Variable, also a licensed nonprofit. Each year’s event proceeds go toward hosting the next year’s convention and toward supporting Scotty’s House, a local children’s advocacy support center.

    One of the founders of Cepheid Variable and of AggieCon 1 is on site this weekend. John Moffitt, a paleontologist from Houston, graduated from Texas A&M in 1969 and co-founded Cepheid Variable as a “nerd club.” His co-founders were students Annette Bristol Poth and Danielle Dabbs, both convention lovers and Star Trek fans, and Corps cadet Bill Dowden, a fellow science fiction novel fan who would go on to serve in the Vietnam War as an Army captain. The group started the club with actor Leonard Nimoy as its mascot, hosting panelists and a few novel and comic book vendors at the first convention.

    “The fundamental way it’s changed is that we read a lot more back then,” he said. “And the gaming thing — a lot of that role-playing gaming stuff is here, and I’m about old-school games like bridge and chess.”

    Moffitt has attended between 15 and 20 AggieCons, and though the 72-year-old can’t relate to all the modern movies, books, games and shows, he still connects to the Aggie students who share that same passion he once did. He only wishes that more of the old alumni — affectionately self-described “geezers” — were around to enjoy the convention with him.

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